Google+ Becoming New Way to Prevent Bad Press

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My best advice is: Get on Google+, even if it’s just to share your regular blog posts and an occasional shout out. I love it for keeping up with people whose content and personality I really enjoy.

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Breaking News: Google Plus Business Pages Here! Almost…

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Lots and lots of you continue to ask me when the happy day will arrive so that you can get on board as soon as possible.

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Back to School with Google+ Day 3

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The Magic Employment Hover Box

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Facebook’s Descent from Artisanal Brew to PBR

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What’s your favorite social network?

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10 Awkward things to be doing during an East Coast Earthquake


Earthquakes aren’t funny business. Except when they’re on the East Coast of the U.S.!

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Is Privacy Dead? 5 Intriguing Google+ Posts

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Do you worry about privacy with Google+ or has Facebook broken you in to expecting “all their data, all the time?”

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Google + Circle of Life

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Circle of Life

Mufasa had it right.

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Google + Playground Rules

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There are none.

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Silly vs Effective SEO

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Just today I met with a client who’s been spending quite a lot every month on a service that’s supposed to be really boosting search engine optimization.  In case you weren’t sure, search engine optimization (SEO) is how close to the top of the list you page goes when somebody searches your keywords on Google. …

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Mobile Madness: Dumb like a fox?

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My buddy and Social Media enthusiast/blogger Dennis commented recently about mobile device usage escalating and predicted that Foursquare and Google will each have something captivating that utilizes geolocation by the end of the year.  I agree!!

Already a full 30% of people check their email, facebook, and other accounts via mobile devices.  It’s projected that …

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