“You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.”  Oprah Winfrey
How most people feel about Social Marketing

Blasphemy in the Church of Social Marketing

I hate 99% of Social Marketing.

You may have noticed on Facebook that my new title is “Blasphemer in the Church of Social Marketing.” This is not a schtick. It’s real. After spending years researching the topic and seeing all manner of ...

Bad Press

Google+ Becoming New Way to Prevent Bad Press

Why You Need to Get On Google+

Hi there! The following guest post is by a Carlo Pandini, an SEO expert based in the UK who has been following Online Reputation Management closely. This news about Google+ is going to be a ...

Raw fruit salad

Raw Trumps “Corporate” Online

Hi there!

I just got done consulting with an online business owner who is really going places.

I feel so excited getting to help her communicate what she has to offer, because the only way I work with people is to ...

holy schmoly!

Holy Schmoly! 10 Commandments of Online Community

When you keep the ten commandments of community everything goes better.

                     *  Be transparent

                     *  Be helpful

                     *  Be trustworthy

                     *  Make it right

                     *  Share solutions

                     *  Stay calm ...