“You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.”  Oprah Winfrey
How most people feel about Social Marketing

Blasphemy in the Church of Social Marketing

I hate 99% of Social Marketing.

You may have noticed on Facebook that my new title is “Blasphemer in the Church of Social Marketing.” This is not a schtick. It’s real. After spending years researching the topic and seeing all manner of ...

Bad Press

Google+ Becoming New Way to Prevent Bad Press

Why You Need to Get On Google+

Hi there! The following guest post is by a Carlo Pandini, an SEO expert based in the UK who has been following Online Reputation Management closely. This news about Google+ is going to be a ...

Raw fruit salad

Raw Trumps “Corporate” Online

Hi there!

I just got done consulting with an online business owner who is really going places.

I feel so excited getting to help her communicate what she has to offer, because the only way I work with people is to ...

Bird snacking on worm

Mr. Teefertiller’s All Night Worm Buffet – ...

No matter how nice or hard working you are, the kind of business you run matters.

Growing up, a nice retired couple lived up the street. They were the Teefertillers. In one of those life imitates life imitates art kinds of ...

holy schmoly!

Holy Schmoly! 10 Commandments of Online Community

When you keep the ten commandments of community everything goes better.

                     *  Be transparent

                     *  Be helpful

                     *  Be trustworthy

                     *  Make it right

                     *  Share solutions

                     *  Stay calm when you’re provoked

                     *  ...