I did it!

I Did It. You Can Too.

All my life I dreamed of becoming a published author. 

I’d repeatedly tried to get Wiley Publishing to notice me, but they wouldn’t even return my phone calls or emails.

One day, everything changed

On Labor Day weekend 2011, out of the ...

Getting Launched At Last!

At Last!

I think we all know how good it feels to get that out there.

Your most joyous expression of who you are, online, that is.

What did you think I was talking about?

It’s time to start paying attention to your ...

Make Waves

Make Waves

Coming soon to an Internet near you… An August 7, 2014 I will share it with the world. If you’ve longed to make your own waves online, to get that book publicity, to launch your line of heirloom tomato sauces, your ...

Diving into Online Marketing?

Most of us feel like this when we need to put our passion online and dive into online marketing:


(Psst! If you want to hear the funny music, click on the upper left corner where you see the speaker down below.)


What Makes Me Feel Alive

What Makes Me Feel Alive

For my birthday this year, I splurged on one of the happiest and most illuminating weeks of my entire life.

I went surfing.

In case you don’t know me, I passed my 30th birthday some time ago ...

My Pinterest Playground

My Pinterest Playground

Is Pinterest for Me? I’m surprised by how few people tell me they’re using Pinterest to promote their passion. Some points to ponder if most of your clients are women:
  • A whopping ...
dark side of social influence

Why Social Media Firestorms Bore Me

Definition: Social Media Firestorm – vitriolic hysteria on autopilot, usually based on speculation. 

I created a scalable system to prevent and handle this kind of thing, but have no stomach to gleefully grapple with it every day, especially since online reputation management ...

Not so private Facebook Pic

Tough Love on Facebook Privacy: It’s your fault.

Please be warned the the tone of this post is not upbeat, funny, and it doesn’t contain cat pictures of any kind. Today’s news calls for good old fashioned tough love. Are you ready? Facebook Privacy is a pathetic joke.

I care ...

How most people feel about Social Marketing

Blasphemy in the Church of Social Marketing

I hate 99% of Social Marketing.

You may have noticed on Facebook that my new title is “Blasphemer in the Church of Social Marketing.” This is not a schtick. It’s real. After spending years researching the topic and seeing all manner of ...