I Did It. You Can Too.

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All my life I dreamed of becoming a published author. 

I’d repeatedly tried to get Wiley Publishing to notice me, but they wouldn’t even return my phone calls or emails.

One day, everything changed

On Labor Day weekend 2011, out of the blue, Wiley Publishers asked me to write a book for them.

Only 3 years before I’d been virtually unknown to Google and was scrambling to support my 3 kids while working from home with a 2008 degree in Communications that wasn’t opening doors. By helping people online via blogging and social networking I started creating visibility and a reputation that generates good business.

Online Reputation Management For Dummies required deep research. It required a lot of faith. And it became a best seller.

I did what I’d always wanted to do!

You can too.


Oh, you want to know what this surfing picture is all about? That’s coming soon. It’s my course on how to Make Waves online. It’s how I got that book deal. :D

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