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Definition: Social Media Firestorm – vitriolic hysteria on autopilot, usually based on speculation. 

I created a scalable system to prevent and handle this kind of thing, but have no stomach to gleefully grapple with it every day, especially since online reputation management is filled with fraudsters, ironically. 

Wiley approached me to write the book, suggested the title, and I joyfully accepted. I contributed something thoroughly researched that works well. Now I’m done.  

I still get a fair number of interview requests from news outlets such as Consumer Reports, Forbes, and AdWeek, and I don’t hold back one bit about the industry anymore. At least I can diffuse the overpriced, fear-laden hysteria a tiny bit that way, one journalist at a time.

Just thought I’d put all that out there – in case you were wondering why I’m doing writing workshops instead of promising to make you rich or trying to scare you into buying an ORM audit. I simply don’t care to lie – to myself or anybody else. 

I love the feeling of contributing something that connects people with the BEST part of themselves.

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