How most people feel about Social Marketing
How most people feel about Social Marketing

I hate 99% of Social Marketing.

You may have noticed on Facebook that my new title is “Blasphemer in the Church of Social Marketing.” This is not a schtick. It’s real. After spending years researching the topic and seeing all manner of grasping to prematurely close a deal, I had nearly lost hope in this grand, beautiful, endlessly fascinating communication medium we call social media.

When it gets dark outside your light shines that much brighter.

If you want to make a positive, lasting impact on people about your brand, ignore what the “experts” are telling you and lead with your best self. Games sometimes work, but they misfire just as often. Case in point: the very recent McDonalds tweet where a McDonalds rep on Twitter gets cute and hijacks the deeply disturbing, high profile Ohio kidnapping case in order to promote their trivial, crappy food. Well played, McDonalds. Well played.

Be your best self when you’re representing a brand online.

The best version of you is so much more fascinating and alive than any zombie clone. It draws an audience like nothing else. How else do you think a no-name woman working from home while bringing up 3 kids gets offered a book deal out of the blue and quoted in Forbes

It works. And it’s good karma.