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  • LoriRandallStradtman (@Lori_Randall)

    What do you stand for?: I want you to really think about the messages you’re putting out with your brand, whethe…

  • LoriRandallStradtman (@Lori_Randall)

    What do you stand for?

  • Claire Wagner (@wagnerwrites)

    What do you stand for? @lori_randall

  • vegemitevix

    I wonder that quite a lot really. That, and the accomplice question – What do people think I stand for?

    • Lori Randall Stradtman

      That’s a very interesting question, Vix. I guess that’s where branding and integrity come in, in terms of looking like what you actually ARE. :)

      • Social Network Design

        Aahhhhhh. Tricky one Lori : )
        I have seen people manipulating themselves to please others. So this question is for all who have lost themselves in order to establish an entirely different identity.

        • Lori Randall Stradtman

          I see your point. That’s a scary place you’re describing, mainly because it’s so easy to slip into something that seems to be what people want, but doesn’t feel right to you. I think it can happen by increments over time, don’t you?

  • @SocialCatalysts

    via @Lori_Randall: What do you stand for?

  • LoriRandallStradtman (@Lori_Randall)

    What do you stand for?





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