Overcoming Facebook Overwhelm: My Best Pro Tip

Don’t let spending time on Facebook get away from you! Click to watch my best pro tip:

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california-la-brea-tar-pitsJust between us…

Do you find yourself wasting time on Facebook?

Do you look up at the clock, horrified to discover that you’ve been looking at cats again and checking out what every body else is doing and saying instead of tending to your actual business?

Again, just between us…

That’s what I thought!! If you’re on Facebook at all, odds are good that it’s a La Brea Tar Pit of time and that it feels almost impossible to connect meaningfully with people there and then, like, LEAVE and do something productive.

Scroll down to watch my very best, time tested *sigh* way of dealing with the chaos.

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5 Responses to “Overcoming Facebook Overwhelm: My Best Pro Tip”

  1. This reminded me that I was using the timer on my iPhone for project work, but forget to turn it on for social media. Thanks!