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Steamy romance novel cover

Oh Brad!!

Should a teacher be fired for writing erotic fiction under a pen name?

That’s the question on the minds and mouths of many, as this case draws fire. For those of you who don’t want to click on the full story link, a high school teacher is coming under intense fire because she wrote a sexy novel involving extramarital affairs with former students. I’ve got to admit, as the Mom of a high schooler, this would be pretty awkward for all involved.

My biggest question is… How did she get found out online?!

A number of people are starting to spread their literary wings since the Kindle came out (thus hiding trashy novel covers from inquiring eyes) and anybody can become an independent author via Amazon and Nook with a little hard work and research. I have a friend enjoying marvelous success in the naughty fiction department via a pen name. I’ve never written a steamy, paranormal bodice ripper, but I assure you I’d be using a very well protected pen name, given my author status for Online Reputation Management For Dummies and my kids’ dignity. When you think about it, it’s 50 shades of OMG…

What do you think? Let the lady write or can her high school teaching job? 

Please scroll down to the comments below and give me your opinion!

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  • LoriRandallStradtman (@Lori_Randall)

    50 Shades of OMG: What happens when somebody gets “outed” for writing steamy stuff under a pen name?

  • Dawn

    Let her write. She is using a pen name. There needs to be space in people’s life to do and be something other than what their job dictates. I’m sure if we knew half of what anyone thought we’d all have some akward moments.

  • Claire Wagner (@wagnerwrites)

    Protecting an author’s reputation: 50 Shades of OMG





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